New Construction Inspections

The the slightest issues can cause serious damage that will have large costs to clean up the damage made.

The construction inspection begins with a review of the plans and specifications before you commit to a contractor and includes recommendations on various topics such as materials and methods, waterproofing, potential problem areas with the lot and safety issues.

A extensive examination from the piece and platform level to the ultimate Move through Inspection can help increase performance, comfort and strength of your property.

Our evaluation process contains several trips while your home is being made such as the following:

  • Inspection of the platform footings before flowing tangible.
  • Foundation examination of underground room or crawlspace before creating.
  • Waterproofing of fundamentals and back fill.
  • Framing examination before sheet rock set up.
    Confirm use of agreed-upon elements and proper set up of elements.
  • Recommend radon proof development.
  • Final walk-through examination with the owner before completing the agreement.
  • Additional walk-through examination before end of 12-month warranty period for new house.
  • New Construction Solutions and Assessments can confirm you that a framework of top quality development and design may not have breached the building requirements, but it is far from being completely safe for occupancy.
  • Inspector Of DFW Homes will meet and surpass your new house needs. Qualified and insured personnel will help you figure out the protection and value of your new home.

We deliver a one-stop shop solution for our clients, ensuring that every detail is addressed through a consistent, single point of contact with the support of our full team of experienced project managers and supervisors.

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